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Behind every great dentist is a team of great technicians. Our in-house dental laboratory provides the very best in dental technology and artistry. We can offer our patients a full range of dental services with the highest quality. We can supervise the progress of an case as it flows through the laboratory process. We have complete control over the techniques, the materials and quality. The combination of leading technology and our very talented technicians assures that the results you receive will exceed your expectations.



Ceramill Map 600

Ceramil Map 600

The fully automatic high-performance scanner for open articulator scanning.

The new Ceramill Map 600 high-performance scanner from the DNA generation offers intelligence, efficiency and maximum precision. The scanner features an integrated universal carrier plate for all common types of articulator, which saves time-consuming plate changes. 

Variable resolution guarantees optimal and reproducible results DNA Speed Scanning enables a full jaw scan in only 18 seconds.

Model Management

Model management articulator and masticatory loading simulator for the dental practice and laboratory.

Model fabrication

Precise, low-priced and quick for cost-optimised precision models.

Model Fabrication
Cermamill Map Scan

Scan - Ceramill Map 600
The fully automatic high performance scanner for open articulator scanning.

Design (CAD)
The Ceramill Mind CAD design software and all available extensions.

Ceramill Design Cad
Ceramill Production Cam

Production (CAM)
Wet and dry machining with Ceramill Motion & M-Center.


3D printing is the catalyst for digital dentistry. It’s known for reliability and high quality. Much has changed since the first desktop 3D printers became available to the dental industry.Dental 3D printers feature a light or laser that polymerize a liquid with the computer-guided precision required to produce small objects with intricate details.

Here At Dr. D A Kock Dental Practice we use a  intraoral chairside scanner and the use of CAD/CAM to take a digital impression and 3D print a replica of our patient's mouth.

Dr Kock-36.jpg

By using the latest intraoral chairside and desktop scaners with the latest CAD/CAM technology we are able to fabricate ceramic and zirconium crowns as well as inlays within the same day.

Dr Kock-73.jpg

Prosthetic dentistry replaces some or all of your natural teeth by means of a denture or chrome cobalt prosthesis. It is removable. You can also have a clip-on denture that clips onto your implants.

Removable prosthetics include full dentures, partial dentures or chrome cobalt metal frameworks.

We do advanced prosthetic procedures like implant supported denture work when the jaw ridge is inadequate to support a denture.

Dr Kock-78.jpg
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